Pressroom Chemistry

Problem Solved.  GUARANTEED!

Unigraph International has developed over 300 industry-leading formulations to solve virtually every problem related to your pressroom chemistry and print production.  Their products are renowned for their performance and reliability.

Vastly Improved Print Qualityshutterstock_129146039_5 beakers 345x200

Unigraph’s innovative products remedy problems such as bleeding, binding, calcium carbonate build-up, dot sharpness, ghosting, glazing, hickies, linting, misting, motting, oxidation, ph/conductivity, picking, piling, plugging, poor drying of ink, premature plate wear, scummimg, tinting and trapping.

Unigraph’s fountain solutions, additives for fountain solutions, alcohol replacements, plate cleaners, protective gums, solvents, silicone and other specialized products are designed to meet the industry’s stringent technological and environmental standards and most recent innovations in print production.

Save Time and Money

Anybody who has tried Unigraph’s products know of the benefits and cost reductions from using their solutions.  Unigraph guarantees at least 5% in ink reduction, reduction in make ready times and reduction in waste sheets, longer life of your FloClear filters; at least 100%, much cleaner blankets and back cylinders, rock solid ink/water control, increased press speeds, faster drying time, cleaner, sharper and more vibrant print performance… and more!

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Ask us for a trial of Unigraph’s superior quality, competitively priced press products.  Unigraph guarantees their products and we’re certain you’ll appreciate the positive results.